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America's "Irresponsible" President
Is the “Chief Culprit of this War”

You must not take constructive criticism as an attack on America itself, I am often told. We have nothing against the American people, you see, it’s only their leaders and the latters’ policies we disapprove of. Oh, I understand. I understand totally. Thanks for clearing that up.

Thus, recently, one of Europe’s foreign ministers denounced America’s president as the “chief culprit of this war” and went on to bemoan the “American people” for having been betrayed by such an irresponsible leader.

“I don’t see much future for the Americans” added the head of state of the aforementioned minister.

It’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … My feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance. … How can one expect a State like that to hold together — a country where everything is built on the dollar.

Evoking America’s “historically unique and shameless ill treatment of truth and of right” in words which could have originated as much in the mouths of anti-globalization militants and of other pacifists marching against Washington as in those of the ambassadors in the hallowed halls of the United Nations, he added that the “so-called” president was “guilty of a series of the worst crimes against international law” and that

first, he incites war, then falsifies the causes, then odiously wraps himself in a cloak of Christian hypocrisy, and slowly but surely leads mankind to war, not without calling God to witness the honesty of his attack …

A threatening opposition was gathering over the head of this man. He guessed that the only salvation or him lay in diverting public attention from home to foreign policy … Thus began the increasing efforts of the American President to create conflict … For years this man harboured one desire — that a conflict should break out somewhere in the world.

[The fact is that one country] has at last become tired of being mocked by him in such an unworthy way fills us all … I think, all … decent people in the world, with deep satisfaction.

Who were the courageous politicians making those edifying statements? Jacques Chirac? Villepin? Zapatero? Schröder? Fischer?


And which U.S. president were they speaking of? Dubya?


Bush's dad?


Ronald Reagan?


And where did I get those stirring words from? Le Monde? France 3? El País? The BBC? Stern? Der Spiegel?

Non, non, no, no, nein, nein.

Enough guesswork.

Here are your answers…

Here is the American president who is at the head of a decayed country and who is the chief culprit of the war.

Here is the foreign minister quoted at the top.

Here is the journalist and the source of the above information.

Here is the head of state.

As you can see, it turns out that Europe has a long tradition of producing citizens, societies, and leaders who make no bones about giving lessons to the Yankees, which is hardly surprising, given the track record those Europeans sport in showing their humanism, their lucidity, their generosity, their love of mankind, their respect for international law, and their unwavering desire for peace.

© Erik Svane

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He "requires, not condemnation, but understanding." Who?